Monday, January 3, 2011

Unexpected #1: I love connections.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to blog about this little miracle of mine, but I just couldn't go to sleep and wait until I had it all out, I'm too excited to hold off.  :)

There's a few things I really like about my job.  The first is that I love it when a parent informs me that their daughter uses their barbie/bratz dolls to pretend it's me fighting crime.  It's one step above the kids themselves (because what could possibly be cooler than being a superhero?), although the kids themselves are a super close second.

There are a few other pluses to my job, but just a bit further down the list is the connections I get from the parents.  And they're really helpful and supportive of me, simply because I support their kids first.  It's really quite a great deal.

This all ties in to my Japan trip due to the fact that I can't keep my mouth shut about Japan.  Seriously, my roommates are going to want my head by the time May finally rolls around.  And I've spent all day today telling every parent I've chatted up more than once or twice about the trip.  One mother came in and sat down and after I gushed about the tickets I just bought she informed me that she has clients in Japan, and that she's going to call them and hook me up.

Hook.  Me.  Up.

Because you can't see me at the moment, I'll just tell you that I'm squealing like a 12-year-old school girl and dancing around my room to Paramore.

This is so exciting!  Not only will I be going to Japan, but I'll get some special treatment!  I couldn't be more ecstatic.  Now, my friends and I aren't going to be carted around in a limo or anything.  No staying in fancy hotels or shopping sprees (but who wants fancy hotels?  Who meets awesome locals in fancy hotels?  Hostels are the way to go... Although shopping sprees I wouldn't turn down), probably just a free lunch somewhere nice or something, but it's probably the best news I've had since I bought the tickets.  :D

I can't wait.

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